About us

Hello, my name is nerd waffle. I built this site for a few reasons. One is based on a few principles I have “Be the change you want to see”, and “Make it happen”. I want this site as a hub for my work, as well as offer solutions to those who need solutions when I can. All my life I had an interest in many art forms, and strongly believe in creative vision. I think there are lines that can be crossed in art, but that they are very extreme subjects, and that art of all kind should be accepted. From comics, movies, music, video game development, modeling, writing, and much more. We live in a beautiful world, and should enjoy our very short time here. We need a place to create, and strive to get our thoughts out onto our art.

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Our site costs money to operate, and many projects that are being worked on are being worked on with little to no funding currently, but it is a passion. If you like what we do, and would like to support us: Click here.