Robot Zero 10 Years in the making!

10 years for 10 pages? Doesn’t that sound like it should be better or larger? What if I told you life is messy. A lot happened in 10 years, and I kept putting my comics aside. in piles, and every time I would get back to them id have new ideas and the cycle of not completing them would continue.

The cycle was ideas popping up in my head, sometime draw or write a few pages, get busy with life, rinse, and repeat. It was much easier to write, and draw in high school, but looking back the drawings were not great, but the work was put in more. then they were after.

My drawing improved when I went to Animation school, but drawing comics wasn’t highly encouraged, which thinking back makes sense as it was a different kind of art then I wanted to do, and being young, and foolish I didn’t realize that right away. I switched to film making at the same school, another passion of mine. So I put my comics down for a bit.

The years after School were full of bad situations in life including the passing of my father, making poor friend choices, and poor relationship choices. This is a life a lesson, the people in your life should want you to do better for yourself, because in turn you should want to do the same. While not everyone’s needs match, the idea is to find a middle ground

Robot Zero, is a project that challenged me to keep going. It may not be the best comic out there, but its born out of art, and labor of love,to keep going no matter what, and that eventually, you have to put something out there. It is a product of don’t just tell others to do, do yourself, and it is very much a learning curve

All that being said, I really hope if you decide to read it, that you enjoy it. I hope that it inspires you. I hope that it at least makes you smirk even for a second.

Thank you,

C.James Dowling.

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