Titans Netflix Review (Vague spoiler free)

I am sitting there watching titans, and thinking….wow this is actually cool. I love Dick/Robin. I love Raven. I love the grittiness….oh…there is the train wreck Starfire…oh look hawk, and dove are cool! Along the way there was some other cool stuff in the show and it started winning me over. However, that was lost, and the show just ended being this waste of time. It could have been better, but they tried to do too much, and there were some choices that left me scratching my head. There was some cool things, and cool parts…overshadowed by shitty parts, and boring stretches. The show just felt like something that could have been really cool, and it did so many things well, but had this mental tick that said “Let’s just fuck shit up”. I will say there was some parts I was actually willing to accept Starfire, but then her writing got really bad, and her plot didn’t make any sense. The show had some consistency but it was washed out with the amount of inconsistency it had.

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Score = 5.5 out of 10 (55% )

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